Everyone has a story; what’s yours?

Elizabeth Columbus Stories

Meet Elizabeth Boyden

Elizabeth and Cliff, her husband, love to travel, hike, and explore new areas of Columbus. On date nights, Elizabeth will always pick somewhere new to eat, and Cliff always sticks to AAB Indian restaurant. Always. They live in Upper Arlington with their 3 children-Delaney, Graham, and June. Elizabeth is hard-working and loves a challenge. She will make anything work and will use her creative side to turn nothing into something. She was an elementary school teacher before creating Columbus Stories. Her favorite part of this new venture? Connecting people in a way they have never been connected before.

Meet Doug Dibert
Creative Video Director

Doug Dibert, Jr. owner of Crossing River Studios has been creating Story-Based video content since January 2005! Their approach is simple, creating Video Marketing content that tells the story of how you make another person’s life better. That’s what people want to know about. They want to know if you are the person that can solve their issue or problem. We simply use the power of Video to tell your story.

Georgia Columbus Stories

Meet Georgia Rauch

Georgia and her husband are fantasy football playing—disc golf loving—die-hard Detroit Lion and Buckeye fans who live on the eastside of Columbus, along with their two daughters. She’s compassionate, but definitely a bit ornery.  She thoroughly enjoys the outdoor wilderness, playing guitar, drinking wine, and bonfires. She’s naturally creative and is constantly seeking the deeper meaning of life. Georgia is a published author, and her passion is writing. She created Columbus Stories with Elizabeth to help strengthen the Columbus community through story telling.

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