Meet: The Culver Family

Hello, we are the Culvers. We met on an Internet dating site. My husband Soluman was born in Oregon and raised in Bellingham, Washington. I am from Columbus and had moved around the country a bit before coming back to Columbus to “settle” in. When we met, he was a medical student and lieutenant in the Army on hiatus from school to go through a divorce. I had my Masters degree in Education and was working at a local university as a federal loan officer, also getting a divorce. We were both finishing up divorces. It is not a classic love story, but it is the most romantic one I know.


We were both apprehensive at first for the same reason: he had a three-year-old daughter, Amalie. I was nervous to become involved with a man that was a single father for the obvious reasons – an ex wife that would forever be in my life, drama about who gets to spend time with the little girl and when, I was not a parent and wasn’t sure I wanted to be one, yet. He was hesitant to introduce her to someone he might end up being “casual” with for fear of more confusion and insecurity about the adult women in her life.

But, it was amazing. I loved him before I saw him, but never admitted that until now. It would not have mattered how he looked honestly, but luckily for me he is ruggedly handsome and fantastically romantic. He showered me with attention and told me I was beautiful, and he wasn’t being insincere. We fell madly in love. We were inseparable after our first date. The date was meant to be “just dinner” and it turned into a 6-hour adventure that night in January 2013.  We went to dinner at Northstar at Easton, watched live music at Fado, had some drinks, and took a long walk to see the fountains.


The same week we had our first date my father was diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer. Over the next eight months Soluman and I grew close as my Dad grew closer to death- again; not a typical love story. My father passed in August, only 4 days after I married the man of my dreams. The next month we found out we were pregnant. Evelyn ‘Eva’ Culver (named for my father’s mother) would be my first biological child, and the second person that would ever call me Mommy.


Today Soluman is a captain in the US Army Reserves medical unit, and a physician at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center- specializing in hematology oncology. I am the principal of a school for young children. Eva will turn 2 years old in a week and a half, and is thriving at the school in which I am the principal. Amalie is almost 7 and is gifted in math and reading, she attends school in Westerville where I work. We moved into a new home several weeks ago and look forward to starting our next adventure – whatever it may be.

Chelsea Culver





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