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Natalie is the woman behind Natterdoodle, inspiring people everywhere with her (100% self-taught) heartfelt handwriting and positive attitude. We didn’t get the chance to meet in person, but even over the phone I could hear her smiling. Simply put, her passion is people and Natterdoodle helps her connect with people. But ultimately, “Natterdoodle” is best explained by Natalie herself:

“nat·ter /nadər/

informal verb 1. talk casually, chatter; noun 1. a casual and leisurely conversation.

doo·dle /do͞odl/

verb 1. scribble absentmindedly; noun 1. a rough drawing made absentmindedly.

natter+doodle = natterdoodle

Doodled words, especially positive messages, snarky truths and happy thoughts.

I started playing with pens and paint as a kiddo. My funky writing eventually turned into an outlet for stress relief and then a hobby that I would occasionally share with the interwebs. I doodled positive affirmations, quotes, song lyrics, etc…really anything to bring a little more hope and happiness – and snickers into the world. I called my posts “Natterdoodles” in homage to a nickname my friend called me in college.

After a few months of flooding my followers’ feeds with  #natterdoodle, a very clever friend of mine, James Clear, encouraged me to buy and make my hobby into a practiced habit. I used my posts as an accountability measure and committed to doodling every day. 

I was overwhelmed by all the love I got from internet folk and started taking requests for custom quotations, handlettered envelopes, party decorations and other special requests. I love sharing my inspirations with others; equal parts sappy and snarky.

Natterdoodle is now available at 14 retail locations and counting and with the help of my very loving and devoted Instagram following, I am always amped to #sprinklepositivityconfetti in your homes, offices, special moments and of course, your social meeds feeds. “

NatKP, Artist & Chief Sprinkler of Positivity Confetti


As NatKP mentioned, she started doodling as a kid and eventually her friend James encouraged her to turn it into a “practiced habit.”  She kept doodling until she, “got the hang of it and liked it.”  Then she purchased the domain name, and started an Instagram account where she doodled pieces for free.   Her online shop opened officially in January of 2015, and now moving towards the future, she is looking into wholesale and hopes to one day showcase as the National Stationary Show.

Natalie has a full time job on the side—did I say on the side?   Yup, she is a college educator on top of her success of Natterdoodle. She has been at Denison University for 9 years and counting!  She currently is the Dean of Co-Curricular Design where she works to enhance the learning opportunities outside of the classroom in students’ daily lives in the areas of civic engagement, leadership and creativity.   But, it’s NatKP.  She does more than just doodling and Dean-ing. She is on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), on the leadership team for Ohio Creative Collective, and an advocate for women’s and LGBT rights.  I mean this woman is pushing her limits and excelling at Leadership.


One of her greatest passions is her involvement with a non-profit called LeaderShape. She first attended LeaderShape program while attending Ohio University; LeaderShape is a program designed to help individuals become the best versions of themselves and ultimately lead with integrity to create positive change in the world. She began as a student, but now is heavily involved in the program, traveling around the country and teaching the methodologies to college students.  But, she also, embodies these values in her heartfelt doodling.  And, that’s why here at Columbus Families, we love Natalie (NatKP).






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