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Here at Columbus Stories we wanted to offer you another way to share your story.  Not only have we added our latest INSTAstories, where we feature local people of Columbus with instant short bios, but we also wanted to give you something different.   We wanted to provide visual stories, too.  So, we are over the moon excited and honored to announce that Leigh Zeidner, Owner of Leigh Zeidner Pictures, will be joining our Columbus Stories family!  She is incredibly creative with a camera and produces high quality videos.  With her work behind the camera, your brand and story will stand out from the rest.  With out further ado, please meet Leigh:
 Her mom and grandmother were convinced she’d be a doctor. Even though she was a procrastinator, she did well in school and life. The only problem was that she really enjoyed art as well. But figuring art wouldn’t be a sustainable career, she studied Molecular Biology in college and worked in a research lab for nearly a decade instead.
She was unsettled. There was that creative side of her brimming beneath the surface. And then something happened. Leigh and her husband, Steve, created their own parody of the final wedding scene from “Napoleon Dynamite”. It was copied shot by shot, cut by cut, except with friends and their pug instead of an official cast and a llama (that precious work with Steve as Kip and Leigh as LaFawnduh will forever be buried in the mass pile of YouTube archives). It was the first time Leigh had experienced the perfect combination of the analytical and creative. And it all came together in the process of making a film.
 She reached a point where she started her own business and transitioned from cell culture, petri dishes, and genetics to filming, editing, and the creative life. Since then, she has been learning as much as she can and getting experience where she can. A number of various changes later and she’s found her path. And that’s where Columbus Stories came into the frame as well.
 Leigh hopes to bring her whimsical ideas to businesses looking for a refreshing way to tell their story. Just ask her what wild idea she’s thought up each day. Like the idea that sent her with her camera to Indiana to interview a professional human cannonball. Leigh has a desire to get to the heart of a business. And so does Columbus Stories. Columbus Stories has been sharing the heart behind the businesses and people they meet and so Leigh merged her talents with theirs. Her visual creativity, with their personal care of the written word.
The rest of this story, from here on, is yet to be written and seen. The story of her and Steve’s dreams for their own marriage, their young children, their work. See, we all have dreams for ourselves and others, even if we don’t end up becoming the doctors our mothers thought we would be. The creative mind never rests, does it?
  • Erica Elisabeth Hondroulis
    Posted at 13:41h, 18 July Reply

    Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see more from all of you!

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