Meet: blink box

Part I: Memories

A memory happens, and -blink- it’s gone. It becomes just that, a memory. We all say we will remember and treasure those small moments, but let’s be honest, how many small moments do you truly remember? How many times do you tell yourself you wish you would have written something down or documented it somehow? I’m guilty, and wish I could turn back time to record so many of those precious milestones.

Courtney knew there were people just like me and she wanted to help them document their lives with photography and writing-not only for them, but for the people who will follow.

“Memories and being able to share the past are important–both are essential to humankind. Blink box enables the user to create a keepsake with photographs and creative writing, and each box is designed to document specific life events. The “photo journal” style is guided and prompted for the folks who are looking for assistance but the memento also lends itself to the creative who enjoys adding their own style.”

Courtney always loved organizing and archiving the memories of her own life, but found it difficult to find the time and materials that made it easy. While searching a way to end her career in software sales and feed her creative energy, Courtney knew she wanted to start a business that served a greater purpose in the everyday life of her customer. That’s when blink box was born.

Allowing people to record their baby’s first breath, the minute they kissed their bride, to celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, Courtney has found a way for us to keep those memories close. And, now when we blink, they no longer disappear–because they are treasured in our blink box.

Part II: blinkbox process

Today is the day that @blinkboxcollection goes live and you can finally purchase your own box. What will it be? Anniversary, Firsts, Birthdays, or maybe Favorites. Either way, you know you are getting a product that will document those important memories in your life– and in a way that is easy and timeless. Courtney took 14 months to perfect these beauties, and you can tell. Every detail was carefully thought out.

“It took me fourteen months to design the final product. Once I laid out my idea for blink and decided what box genre I would begin with, I had to research what was important to the people who would use each box. I had to know what was important to pregnant women, what parents wanted to remember from their children’s childhood, what folks wanted to document from their travels and how married couples wanted to share their love story.

I would hand write each of the cards inside each specific deck. I would proof those cards at least twice and then send my handwritten cards to be turned into digital files. Once the cards were digitalized, I would proof them one more time before they were sent to the printer for a first print. The first print would be proofed and then sent for final print. Multiply this process by the eight boxes that blink box will launch with {there are more boxes already in the works!}.

It took a couple runs before I found the right printing company. I use Creative Impressions in Dayton for all the printing needs for blink box. Their team prints and shrink wraps all the decks and prints the labels, business and thank you cards and frankly, saves my life anytime I have a printing emergency. I lucked out and found a local box manufacturer who designed and created a mold for the blink box (yes, this is a one-of-a-kind box folks). I think I tested paper, label and box quality for at least six months.”

Part III: Documenting Life

“Documenting a life–your life–with blink box is simple. We all take hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures each year. How do you scale that down and organize all of the information? {And hello, how about a little writing to tell why you took the picture?} That’s a tough and timely process, am I right?

blink box gives you a mold, perhaps. It guides you on special moments to document, but is completely open to interpretation. For example, I forgot to take a picture of my daughter’s first day of school this year. She wanted to start riding the bus mid-year and it was a really big deal to her.

So, I documented her first day of riding the bus on the “first day of first grade” card. It was perfect and she will never think a thing of it. Her first bus ride was way more important to her than me snapping a picture of her on our patio the first day of school.”

Part IV: Courtney

Courtney, owner of blink box, is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world. Her husband owns @inkandco_madeinohio, and she has been alongside him through the journey of his business. They are seriously a powerhouse couple. I’m sure you’re wondering which of the blink box sets they are currently using, right?

“Right now, I am using the anniversary deck (for Ryan and I) and school years and birthdays (for my two babies, ages six and nine). I have gifted several boxes to friends and family. I have no intentions on haulting the creation of more box categories.

I am currently working on a pets box and high school box, and will launch those boxes mid-summer. I am looking forward to feedback from my customers on what boxes they want to see designed–that will certainly be one of the most enjoyable tasks I will get to do.”

What blink box would you love for Courtney to create? Which memories do you wish you could capture?


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