Meet: BioHealth Wellness Center

Part I: Meet BioHealth Wellness Center

BioHealth Wellness Center is a cutting-edge wellness center located in Worthington,Ohio, where Dr. Siegel is the owner and Medical Director. He’s been providing natural healthcare services for over 33 years. Ever since he can remember, he’s had a strong desire for becoming a physician of healing, and having various relatives with distinguished careers in the medical profession, only added to his passion.

As Dr. Siegel was finishing his undergraduate training (on his way to pursuing a medical degree), he experienced episodes within his own family that truly brought into question the “drug-only approach” to treating illnesses.

Through numerous observations, it became clear that drugs were not always the answer. In fact, he began to realize that they could be just as much of the problem. This began his journey into the world of a more drug-less and alternative way of thinking.

By opening his mind and realizing that it was ok to think outside the box, Dr. Siegel soon found that the alternative medical world was a more comfortable fit for how he wanted to approach healthcare. Dr. Siegel’s first and foremost goal for those suffering is based on a simple premise–to offer a chance at true HOPE. With all the ills and pains people struggle with on a daily basis, the first thing sacrificed is HOPE. Through a willingness to think and act outside the typical box, Dr. Siegel wants @BioHealthWellnessCenter to be a door people can open, to regain hope and optimal health.

PART II: The Conditions they Treat

“While the conventional medical pharmaceutical model provides many needed advantages, it falls short of effectively impacting most chronic conditions such as: autoimmune issues, neuropathy, infertility, headaches, hormonal imbalances, allergies, focus and attention issues, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Through the successful treatment of thousands of patients over the last 30 plus years, Dr. Siegel has come to realize that the vast majority of people are suffering from one, or a combination of the following factors: Trauma or injury (ie. physical, emotional, spiritually), Infective process (ie. bacterial, viral, parasitic and/or fungal), and/or Toxicity burden.

When treating clients, he breaks down his evaluation and treatment approach into 3 key areas of focus. Biochemical—Neurological–&Toxicological. Through this unique 3-prong system of both analysis and treatment, the vast majority of patients that seek his care find answers and relief.”

PART III: Living Systems Medicine

One of the unique services provided by Dr. Siegel is Living Systems Medicine. He is the only practitioner in the entire #Columbus area, and one of only a handful in the entire nation, that utilizes this specialized approach. It’s a unique process by which the body is looked at as an integrated whole, not just a collection of various parts independent of each other.

Within this system’s approach, the key focus is to examine what role deep cellular toxicity might be playing in terms of disruption to one’s health potential.  Dr. Siegel has come to realize that the Toxicity component is most often overlooked and/or inadequately addressed. In order to effectively identify and address this element, Dr. Siegel decided early on that he must think “outside-the-box” in order to address this critical component.

He knew that most of the attempts to identify and treat toxicity were superficial, incomplete and short lasting at best. It wasn’t until his initial introduction to energetic medicine years ago that he realized the importance of applying physics’ principles, not just those of chemistry alone. This shift has lead him to a higher level of discovery that now generates a greater treatment outcome and a higher degree of patient satisfaction. At the end of the day, the bottom-line reason why millions of people have turned to using alternative medicine is because traditional medicine has failed them in some way.

People are both asking and looking for non-drug, less dangerous options that might provide relief from what they struggle with.  Historically speaking, ‘alternative medicine’ is nothing new. In fact, it dates back thousands of years, as represented by the use of acupuncture, herbs, diet, etc.. Alternative medicine is so popular today that it is estimated that 4 out of every 10 people seek out and utilize some form of non-traditional therapy with a very high satisfaction response.

PART IV: Meet Jeff

He has had successful results without surgery and without drugs in the {Chronic Pain Recovery Program} at BioHealth Wellness Center.

“I was having a lot of knee pain and I like to play a lot of basketball. The pain was starting to effective my hip and ankle, I felt discomfort daily. Within the first couple of treatments I was actually able to play basketball without any pain.  I would wake up the next morning with no pain. I was beyond happy with the progress I saw.”

It is a very comprehensive program that includes an evaluation and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency—As with any battery, if the charge is low, then function and performance are also inherently low, PEMF therapy can help to “charge your batteries.” Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy, is safe and effective electrical stimulation that increases and accelerates tissue regeneration. They also have other methods such as Low-level Lazer Therapy, Cranial Low Force Technique, and Rapid Release Therapy.

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