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Is it just me or do others put off important things that don’t result in quick gratification?  I put off writing this story because writing does’t come easy for me; I have difficulty sitting quietly and reflecting. But, I made the commitment to write this story.  I just kept putting it off each day.

That’s how I handled my weight too.  I kept putting it off.  Honestly I didn’t eat that much–I could go until 2 and without eating anything.  I would tell myself their must be something medically wrong, or I’ll eat better tomorrow.

I remember one time Last April when my 10 year old granddaughter, Chloe, told her other grandma in Florida that I had lost 20 pounds.  Her grandma was thrilled until Chloe told her, “April fools!”  I laughed with her, but realized she wasn’t blind.

In early October my brother stopped by and asked, “hows it going?”

“I feel like I’m gaining weight by the minute!”  He readily suggested I call Transformation Weight Loss & Nutrition Center and make an appointment.  So, I did and the following week I started their program. It worked for me.

The goal is not only to lose weight, but more importantly lose body fat.

I began with four weeks dairy and gluten free (along with other things).  The wellness coach was very knowledgeable and had a true passion to help educate others help themselves.  I had weekly appointments that helped keep me motivated and understand what would aid in my success. And, getting on the scale each week kept me accountable and spurred me on!

Looking back I probably wouldn’t have started this endeavor at the particular time that I did— with the girls long weekend trip to Dallas, the all inclusive week in Cancun, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Wow what was I thinking?  Well, I was thinking ahead.  It was the perfect time for me to begin.

I transformed. I became aware of when I had eaten a sufficient amount; thoughtfully chose what I would eat and only occasionally ate foods I enjoyed. I learned that Food is fuel.  We need it to survive. Unfortunately, what we crave and tastes good  isn’t the best fuel for our body.  And now healthier food tastes better to me now.

Originally I thought if I lost 10 pounds that would be good.  Instead? I lost 3 pounds each of the first two weeks and .07 pounds after a week in Cancun. For a total of 20 pounds to date.  I did it!

No one else could do it for me.

I’m glad I wrote my story and I’m glad I responded to my brothers suggestion to go to Transformation.  Now I’m procrastinating starting an exercise plan.  And I’ve got some excuses up my sleeve to put it off.  I don’t have time. It might hurt.  It’s too cold out.   Am I ready for my next transformation?

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