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Meet Andrea: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner

Meet Andrea: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner, Dublin {2/3}

Andrea is the Beverage Operations Manager for all of Cameron Mitchell restaurants. Pretty cool, huh? But, besides making the tastiest drinks {seriously}, she’s my soul sister.

Why? Because she loves a good margarita, of course!

While in nursing school, she always had a passion for math and science. But, she also grew up in the restaurant industry. So, how did the two collide?

“At 13, I was hosting at a restaurant where I was paid under the table. My parents also own The Top in Bexley. I have always been around this type of environment.”

Being in charge of the beverage operations has allowed her to combine her love of math and science from nursing school and her childhood experiences of the restaurant life.

Andrea is one of those people you can tell truly loves her job. She’s passionate, creative, and knowledgable. Her love of the company is apparent in her demeaner and the way she talks about her job. I guess you could say they love her just as much. She went from serving at M at Miranova in 2012, to now being the facilitator behind the bar. It’s just another testament of how Cameron Mitchell takes care of those around him.

If you’re looking for an incredible drink, look no further. Cap City Diner is your spot. And, if you see Andrea, tell her you want to try the blue drink–it’s to die for.



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