Local Businesses & Organizations

We believe that sharing the story behind your business is fundamental, and provides a meaningful connection between you and your customers. Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly critical to utilize social media platforms to build customer base and brand recognition. Why use print advertising when it’s a slowly dying marketing strategy?


Utilizing our influential platform Columbus Stories, helps get you in front of a very specific audience. Local Columbus folks. In under a years’ time we have built our social media platforms to reach over 23,000 people {all organic, real people} specifically in Columbus. So, when your story is shared on our pages, you can rest assured that you’re reaching the audience you want and need.  Businesses & organizations who have worked with us have found a greater brand recognition, increase in following, and increase in sales from their exposure with us.


We offer single posts, story series campaigns, consultations, sponsorship opportunities, and can work with you to find something that fits your specific needs. We can’t wait to share your story and connect you to Columbus on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Single Story Columbus Stories

Are you a local vendor, business, or organization in Columbus? Are you looking for unique marketing opportunities? We help businesses highlight their specialties through our story-telling platform, to help build customer base and brand recognition. A single story is a one-time post on our influencing platforms.

Story Series (4)

A story series is one of our top-sellers for local businesses. It’s a 4 or8 part story of your company or businesses that is shared on our platform so that our followers have the opportunity to “meet” you and what products or services you may offer. This also includes the option for a giveaway to gain our followers and more potential customer acquisition. Our series are specially designed to provide our local businesses extended exposure for optimal ROI. Choose between a package of 4 posts ($250), or 8 posts ($400) on Columbus Stories.

Custom Story Series

If there is anything we have learned in hearing countless stories—it’s that we all have a different story to tell. So, we are here to help you create and customize packages based on your budget and your needs. We understand that local businesses and organizations don’t always have marketing budgets. We try to be as accommodating as possible. Please let us know what you’re looking for in our “custom series comment section” in the checkout process. Pricing varies, so once we have created a customized package together, then an invoice will be sent.

Columbus Stories Consultations

Our consultations are one-on-one meetings designed to help our clients gain the tools needed to be successful at navigating the social-media world. We help you understand the basics of gaining a following and customer base on social media, how to create consistent meaningful content, and overall give insight into exactly how we gained a large organic following in a short period of time. We do offer classes where we teach this information as well, however our consultations are specifically tailored to our client.

Sponsor Columbus Stories

We truly love telling stories of local people around town. But sometimes, it’s hard to do that with 5 kids. A Columbus Stories Sponsorship is an amazing medium that your Company can invest in. And we’re offering sponsorships to businesses with the hope of achieving several goals at once. By providing your in-kind support, it allows us to collect more powerful—more meaningful—and more selective stories for our platform.

There are many ways your business can benefit from becoming a sponsor. Being a Columbus Stories sponsor enhances your image, creates positive publicity, drives sales, and helps shapes customers attitudes all while raising your visibility in the community. Our sponsors provide us the opportunity to go around Columbus to get photos and stories of local people and non-profit organizations. In return, we put sponsorship links/or mentions attached to those local stories. For us, sponsorships have provided amazing partnerships and connections throughout the Columbus community. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please let us know in the comment section of our submission form! Thanks!