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Transformation Wellness Center started with a passion for a medical team doing the right thing for their patients.   Dr. David E. Whitt saw an epidemic.  He saw his patients slowly acquiring more medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, weight gain, and many ailments that were affecting their lives and their health.   He wanted to provide a lasting solution and not just another temporary Band-Aid.

In the clinical world, it’s easy to tell a patient, “You need to diet and exercise.” But, what good has that really done anyone? You leave the office, knowing what you should do and what you need to do, but… how many people actually go and do it? How many people really understand how to do it?   People need guidance and accountability, and Dr. Whitt wanted to offer it.   He wanted to say to his patients, “this is what I recommend, and oh, it’s right here in my office.”  

Dr. Whitt is a board certified internist with over 16 years of experience working with patients who have complex medical problems.  He has a private internal medicine practice located in Canal Winchester/Pickerington area,  but what he does goes well beyond just seeing patients in a medical office setting. His team of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses work together in assisted living, Skilled Nursing Facilities and nursing homes all around Central Ohio.  He believes it is far easier for him to travel to his patients than for them to come to his office as they age.  He has a genuine care for the health of all his patients, and understands just how precious life on earth is and how quality of life is more important than quantity of life.


Dr. David E. Whitt

But, back to the epidemic. Dr. Whitt and his wife Susan, a Physician Assistant who also has degrees in  nursing and business, together saw directly how patients were suffering in a drastic way from weight gain. They were working with bariatric patients at the time, clearing them for surgery and following them after.  (Bariatric surgeries are life changing surgeries for individuals who are severely overweight). They noticed that although people were getting bariatric surgery, they weren’t really being given the tools to successfully achieve desired outcomes.They also noticed as patients lost weight (even 5%) they were taking them off their blood pressure medications, reducing their diabetic medications, cholesterol medications, etc.   

Susan remembers, “Patients always had a story pinpointing a specific time in their lives when an event triggered their weight gain.  I knew there was an emotional component to weight gain  and it needed to be addressed. As a working mother of 4, I knew our program would have to be do-able for everyone.  My hectic life was not much different from our patients lives, or everyone else I knew. If I could not succeed at it how could I expect anyone else to be successful?”

“Nearly 1/3 of Americans currently are struggling with being overweight. Many are frustrated with the clinic mentality of some of the mass-market weight centers, along with the one-size fits all approach to the “celebrity” diets. Hectic schedules and other environmental stressors make it difficult to lose weight.”

They started the process to open Transformation Weight Loss & Nutrition Center, (now known as Transformation Wellness Center) back in January 2010. The team and program was comprised of board certified physicians, a nutritionist, an emotional advocate, and a nurse. It was designed to be comprehensive and provide individuals with the foundation to obtain healthy goals safely and meet client needs through a multi-faceted approach, all in a private office setting. However, the original 12-week consecutive program, has now evolved into something  slightly different.



“The successful combination of a physician supervised weight loss and structured behavior modification program will not only help you to lose weight, but ultimately keep it off.”


So let’s talk about what the program looks like now.  Instead of a nutritionist and an emotional advocate, individuals now meet with just one person, who addresses both those aspects.  And, it’s not so much a 12-week program.  It’s more personalized and flexible, so that you could go a couple of times, or continue going for longer. 

Meet Shannon Curry. She is the current wellness coach.

“We use first line therapy, elimination plans, detox, ketogenic style plans, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, GAPS, and SIBO specific diets.  We have also used homeopathic HCG diets and fast metabolism. But, it really depends on multiple things; what the patient needs, (and we figure that out through a symptom review), what they’ve tried in the past, what they feel ready for, what their expectations are and sometimes, with difficult cases, trial and error.

We are most often helping patients with weight loss, but have had lots of success with digestive issues like IBS and IBD.  We have reversed diabetes taking patients back to a normal hgb a!c.  We like the tough cases- those individuals who’ve tried everything else and can’t get better. That’s where nutrition and lifestyle change can truly shine.”   

They have had a lot of success meeting client goals:  One middle aged man lost enough weight, that he was able to cancel his knee replacement surgery.  An 80 year woman came off all her diabetic and hypertensive medications.  A young woman feels confident in her body again.  It’s a program that fits everyone’s needs.

And why is Shannon passionate about helping others change their lives?

“Looking back at who I was before I started making lifestyle changes is crazy… The withdrawal from sugar I went through was way worse than I could have ever predicted and lasted a long time. I remember thinking that diabetes and weight gain was just something that was destined to happen for me as I aged and was something outside of my control.  4 + years later I feel so much better. I know my choices are some of the largest predictors for the future of my health. I feel in control. I’m not perfect, but I focus on what I’m doing the majority of the time.  All of this is what I strive to help each of our patients achieve: A sustainable change that puts them in control of their health and gets them feeling better. I’m not trying to live forever,  but I am trying to feel my best while I’m here.”

So, whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce high blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, gain muscle, or need help with digestive issues, Transformation Wellness Center can definitely help you.  And what’s great is they are also very active in the community!  They recently sponsored Sweat Locals 5k and expo event.  


Phone Number: 614-829-7484



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