Meet: The Grandview Hop

The Hop has been around for 10 years. I had no idea.

grandview-hop-logoIt all started with a group of merchants in Grandview who saw the success the Short North Gallery Hop had, and thought the model could be just as successful in Grandview.

And, they were right. So, The Grandview Hop was created.

I mean, there are so many delicious places to eat (I can’t even choose a favorite…maybe Balboa at the moment), and shops from 1st to 5th avenues. Then, you have the Grandview Yard–that’s an entire different area to discuss! Why wouldn’t you create a space for everyone to explore Grandview?–While they shop, eat, and DRINK (yes, you can walk around with that open container now).

Throughout the years, there have been many people in charge of The Grandview Hop, but most recently, the Columbus Young Professionals Club has taken charge. Derek and his team have been handling The Hop for the past two years and have taken things to a new level by adding fresh, new, ideas that have given it that “spark” back.

grandview-hopIn their second year, the CYP Club has really added a new element to The Grandview Hop. One of the major changes is the fact that the liquor restrictions have been lifted. So, yes, you can walk around with a drink in your hand while you enjoy the music and pop up shops in the area. Walking around with my kids in the stroller with that beer is okay, too, because they’re all about family friendly. It’s actually important to them. I’m pretty sure that means we’ll be adopting a pet while there (yes, that’s an option). Sorry, Cliff, it looks like a new dog may be coming home with us.

grandview-hop-vendor-shoppingOh, by the way, speaking of non-profits–did you know that all non-profits can join The Hop as a vendor for free?

And, the pop up beer tent? On Haines Avenue?

All the proceeds from that go to a different organization each month of The Hop. For August, they chose Columbus Inspires. Columbus Inspires develops the next generation of leaders in our city. Like we didn’t already love Grandview enough!

So, why are we telling you their story now? Now that the summer is ending and they are on their last date? Well, because there’s something special about this last date. The normal Hop is happening, but there’s a different element.

Think “block party.”

In addition to Grandview Avenue being closed, 1st to South of 3rd will be as well. The area will be like a huge end-of-summer party with music and a real neighborhood, community block party feel. It will be like hanging out with your friends, saying goodbye to summer, in the best way possible.

Part of the celebration includes great music. One of the many bands playing is The Salty Caramels. Rock on, ladies!


salty-caramelsWhen you think of The Grandview Hop, think of “energy, variety, family friendly, and fun…think of Grandview as “hopping.” As the ‘place to be.’ Because, well, it is.

See you Saturday, August 27th at The Grandview Hop!

Hours: 5-9pm (Block Party extends The Hop until 10pm)

Location: All Along Grandview Avenue From 1st Ave to 5th Ave, Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212









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