Meet: Ridiculously Good Salsa

Not every business starts from a well-thought out plan or dream someone had as a young child. Actually, most businesses are created unexpectedly and have a pretty good story to tell.

Ridiculously Good Salsa is one of those businesses.

salsa-cupsIt all started with a pretty horrific event, actually. Vickie’s son was with his girlfriend in New York. As they were driving home, at night, they were hit head on by another driver. This driver was high on heroin and was driving on the wrong side of the street with no head lights on. Can you imagine? The fear of getting that call as a mother?

Vickie and her husband, Greg, went straight to New York to be with their son. He spent two weeks at the hospital there, before coming home to Dodd’s Hall at OSU. The recovery was a year.

An entire year of recovery.

During that year, Andrew had many visitors at the house, and Vickie always liked to warmly welcome them with snacks. The snack that was always requested was the salsa Vickie made, especially during football season. Everyone told her she should make this hobby into a business.

chips-and-salsaAfter pondering for awhile, she decided to start by testing out her salsa on some visitors at her daughter’s soccer tournament. Not only did everyone obsess about it, they kept saying how “ridiculously good” it was. So, Vickie thought, why not? When she asked her daughter what the name should be, she said, “Ridiculously Good, right? That’s what everyone keeps saying about it.”

And, there, it was born: Ridiculously Good Salsa.

eat-salsaA horrible, tragic, scary accident turned into something positive and fun. And, that’s how Vickie looks at life–turning the bad into good. She’s also a firm believer that things happen for a reason, that the bad in life happens because something more beautiful will happen in return.

So, this part time plastic surgery nurse now has her own business. But, she couldn’t keep up with the demand and amount of salsa making in her own kitchen, so she knew she needed a larger kitchen space. She started looking at all of her options, and she ventured into Just Pies in Westerville. She asked the owner if she could use his space to make her salsa-the response? “Yeah, sure.”

So, every week Vickie and her husband make the salsa, jar it, and store it at Just Pies. The shelf life is 3 weeks, so the salsa is legit freshly made each time you open a jar.

salsa-being-madeNot only can you find the salsa at Just Pies, but also at Celebrate Local, Weilands, Huffman’s Market, and Bexley Natural Market to name a few. You will also find Vickie selling her salsa at many of the local markets and shows. Her goal is for people to think of her salsa as a way to connect with each other.

huffmans-market“I want people to think–let’s open a bag of chips, twist open the lid of salsa, grab a beer and connect.




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