Meet Mike Davis: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner

Meet Mike Davis: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner, Dublin {3/3}

Mike is the Diner Manager at Cap City Diner’s newest location in Dublin.

He started out as a Fine-Arts major in college waiting tables at the Ocean Club.  There, he fell in love with the company and got into business.

“We’re allowed to take great care of our people and our guests. There is no other place like it.”

You can tell the minute you meet Mike that he truly loves what he’s doing.  His enthusiasm and knowledgable of not only the restaurant industry, but the history of Cameron Mitchell, as well as, each restaurant was–inspiring.

Before landing at Cap City, he spent some time as a General Manager at a steak house, and was even with Ruth Chris for a year. But, Cameron Mitchell’s culturally driven mission coupled with genuine hospitality is what drove Mike to make the leap.  That, and his youngest son Erik.

They were driving by the new location of the Diner one day, when 8-year-old Erik told his dad that he should apply.  So, he did. Mike also has two other children, Brayden (16) and a daughter Tory (14). “The timing worked out great. The stars and the moon just aligned.”

We had to ask what his favorite dish on the menu was–he loves the salmon spread. “It’s just phenomenal.”  If you’re thinking about where to grab a bite, check out their new location and try some of their yummy dishes!  

“Who are we? We are genuine people delivering hospitality.”

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