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“People helping people. Period


buttonsYes, this is what Claire is doing. Her company, Aunt Flow, is helping women with “that time of the month.”

claire-with-logoWe have to talk about it–and that means not being embarrassed or grossed out, or afraid to talk about it. We have to, because there’s a problem. And, Claire is solving it. Thank God.

So, what you don’t know, is that Claire was at The Ohio State University studying Comparative Religions. She was a straight “A” student in high school, and was even doing well in college. The problem was, she didn’t want to be there.

She wanted to drop out.

Of course, her parents were completely against it. But, Claire had a mission and an idea, and nothing would stop her. So, she did it.

She dropped out of college.

What was that mission and idea that she had–the one she wanted to pursue instead of college?

Claire’s mom is an Art Therapist and would share with Claire the stories of the women from the women’s group. When the women would experience their period each month, they didn’t have the necessary items they needed. How did they survive, then? They used multiple layers of clothing, socks, plastic bags, really anything creative they could find. Soiling garments was more cost effective than finding tampons or pads.

The bigger question is, why didn’t they have what they needed to survive? In 45 out of 50 states tampons are taxed, and WIC does not cover tampons. What?!

states that tax tampons.png

Claire knew there was a problem and she had a solution, so she dropped out of college.  In November of 2015, she joined the start-up business weekend in Columbus. In May of 2016 she went public with the company. She says, “the response has been fantastic.”

The model is “buy one, get one.” This means that a woman goes online, buys a box with 18 different pieces for their time of the month needs, then they get to choose which organization they want to give a box to. What’s great, is that there are five different organizations to choose from each month. With 500 women signing up for the subscription in one month, that’s enough to serve the YWCA for SIX months!

claire-with-tamponsYou can also donate. So men, you aren’t left out. Don’t worry. Or, women who are going through menopause, or no longer have a period–there are ways for you to help out also! You can donate to the cause directly.

“Even a small donation can make an impact. And we are not just saying that. Think about it this way: A donation of $5.00 (one fancy coffee from Starbucks) is worth 50 tampons. Make yourself a pot of coffee at home, and make a donation today.”

claire-happyClaire is making an impact with something most of us take for granted.

She’s the lady doing it all-social media, outreach, press–everything. I forgot to mention–she’s 19. You probably wouldn’t have guessed, huh?

Sign up and help someone. Simple. Easy. Get behind a cause you can relate to. Claire did, so can you.





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