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When I walked through the door to greet Erica at her office location off Riverside Drive–I had no idea I would be embarking on a spiritual journey.  But, I walked through the door and instantly an awe set in and a calmness entered me.

home_gallery_2Earlier that morning, Elizabeth and I dropped off the kiddos (Cora and Graham) at a local play café, with complete strangers for the first time. If you personally know Elizabeth and I, then you know we both tend to be anxious.  To no surprise anxiety was running high.   So much, we carpooled together to meet Erica, and the whole drive was spent rationalizing our decision to drop them off.  But, back to entering Erica’s office.  Awe and calmness entered me. My worry faded and nothing else seemed to matter beside the beautiful jewelry that was speaking to me, or really–speaking to us.

home_gallery_4Erica had a calling fifteen years ago, after her father passed away.  She was searching for purpose, but purpose fell into her lap.  And that’s where the story of Erica Fullen Designs really begins. She was living in Arizona at the time, and her broken spirit was recognized and blessed by two Buddhist Monks.  I got goosebumps when she told me.  This doesn’t happen to many people.  She slowly began making intentional chakra-inspired jewelry.

Okay, what does Chakra-inspired mean?   If you don’t know, “Chakras” refer to our energy centers in our bodies that seek balance and restoration.  When our Chakras are balanced we feel peace and comfort in our lives from things we struggle with.
There are seven different Chakra centers, and each one “has a stone and color associated with it, as well as a physical, emotional and spiritual element.”

home_gallery_product-1Later down the road, while visiting a close friend in Georgia, her presence was requested at a yoga retreat.  At first she was hesitant.  Really, one of those yoga retreats?  But, that’s where she found herself, after countless years of not practicing, reusing her learned Aesthetician healing methods on clients.  And a new component to her life formed.   She began performing and attending many retreats, helping to heal clients, and utilizing her jewelry as another aid in client life balance and guidance.

home_gallery_3Honestly, I could write 1,000 more words.  I could tell you how I spent an hour in her office crying and choking up about my own father’s passing, while attempting to string 108 beads through glossy eyes, in hopes to create my own spiritual mala necklace.   Or how Elizabeth and I felt a connection to her and what we were doing.   It was actually kind of like a therapy session, but in the best way.  Nothing about it was mundane, practiced, forced, or rehearsed.  It was true authenticity, true-self, and vulnerability.  Quite refreshing from the normal day anxiety I feel.

So, yes she does personal sessions for clients!  And seriously much more.  Wholesale orders? Yes.  Custom Designs? Yes. Retreats? Yes. This is only the beginning of Erica Fullen Designs.   Please, if you are looking for balance or guidance in your regular life, or looking for holistic healing methods– you must meet Erica, or check out her jewelry.  She is inspiring and I’m humbly honored.

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