Meet David: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner

Meet David Moeser: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner, Grandview {3/3}

{Photo From CapCity Website}

David Moeser is the General Manager at Cap City Diner’s Grandview location, but he didn’t start there.  He is starting his 16th year with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR). He started training in 1999 at Cameron’s beloved Ocean Club.  Moeser’s first management role was at Martini’s and he shifted to Cap City in 2002, at the Gahanna location.  Then, he spent time working at the Fish Market.  Let’s just say, he knows hospitality inside and out.

So, what keeps someone working in the industry for so long? Moeser said, “It’s the culture. It’s very strong.” And, we’ve noticed that the “culture” element seems to be a theme.

“I believe in my associates and empower them to make decisions.  You know, seeing the alternative helps you realize your worth. It’s much easier to manage, when your associates are happy. So, we treat them well.”

During this particular visit at Cap City, we learned all about Cap City’s secret menu.  The “subbing menu” if you will.  “After working here for so long– you get creative and start subbing.” David suggested subbing the Ramano Chicken over the Rigatoni.

But what we were really curious about was how all these dishes were made.  It’s a creative process. “When someone has a good idea, we all eat it and try it out.  Then, we run it out as a feature and see if the public likes it.”  At Cap City they’re able to make all their own features in house.  All a featured dish has to really encompass is the concept of “comfort food,” because Cap City IS comfort.

When discussing “roll outs,” between the different locations Moeser said, “They’re like a Cook off, but not competitive. We work together and show each other our stuff. The goal is to have an amazing dish, and if we do it as a group then everyone wins.”

The best kept secret around town though is that Cap City Diner has gluten free options.  “We are a place where everyone can enjoy a meal here as a family, with no hassles.”

Some fun facts about Moeser is that he received his degree in landscape architecture from The Ohio State University. He has a daughter named Reese (11) and she’s really into sports, like lacrosse, basketball and soccer. And, we got the story of how Reese got her name.  It was a combination between Moeser’s love for Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, and watching The Academy Awards one night with his wife, when Reese Witherspoon happen to win.

“For some, running a restaurant is a business. For us, it is our calling. Our passion for food and fine dining comes first, business second. We are a chef-driven restaurant. For you, that means fine dining at its best. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable culinary experience.”

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