Meet: Dahlia Occasions

Part 1: Saira (Right)

@dahliaoccassions; After meeting at a community gathering years ago and becoming instant friends (through their shared passion for decorating and weddings) they decided to became business partners. Saira is originally from Pakistan and came to the United States in 1997.

“I got married to a wonderful man and I am blessed with two beautiful daughters.” Saira has been teaching Pre-School for the past 10 years as a head start teacher, “I love it. My other passion is weddings–I love weddings! Happy people, bright lights, bright colors, and beautiful decor always makes me happy. And ultimately this was the reason I decided to go into the wedding planning and decorating field.

Maliha had designed and decorated an event for my daughter’s. And after that, I started showing up at the venues she would plan to help decorate as a way to satisfy my passion. Later on, when Maliha decided to expand her business, I felt honored and fortunate that she trusted me with being her business partner.

Since the Winter of 2015, there has been no looking back. By the grace of God, our friendship, as well as our partnership, we’re growing strong & business is great. We’re both looking forward to many more successes in future.”

Part 2: Maliha (Left)

“I am the founder and creator of Dahlia Occasions. I came to the U.S from Pakistan in 1985 and am now living in Columbus, Ohio. I have a wonderfully supportive husband and three great kids. As a former stay-at-home mom with a background in interior design, I started helping planning and decorating for local community events and for friends.

I quickly became known among my friends and colleagues as the go-to event planner. In 2009 I decided to turn my passion into a full-fledged wedding planning business. My Pakistani background has had an immense influence on my sense of style which often reflects in my wedding designs.

My passion even before wedding planning has been floral design so I draw alot of inspiration from flowers, colors of flowers, and other elements of nature. In growing my business and creativity, I’ve attended workshops by Michael Gaffne of American School of Floral Design, and Preston Bailey’s Extreme Floral Design hosted by Angie Zimmerman.

Having learned a lot from the best in the business, I expanded my own services to include wedding decorating and floral design along wih wedding planning and coordinating. Throughout this time, Saira would come to my events and help me set up. She was such a great help and joy to have around that in the winter of 2015 I officially asked her to become a partner in business with me.

Because we get to work together on our passion as friends as much as we are partners, everyday is so much fun for us. We feel blessed to be working together, doing what we love to do most!”

Part 3:  The Name


“The name Dahlia Occasions is inspired by the flower Dahlia. We had a whole huge selection of Dahlias growing in our garden back home. All the possible varieties and colors, from vibrant to pastels, there were tons of them. I kept gravitating towards the name; Dahlia Occasions came naturally and sounded perfect for my business-“ Maliha.

As true partners in business, Maliha & Saira work together on almost every aspect of the business. From the initial interview with a prospective bride– to the execution of the event. They work hand in hand in brainstorming sessions, planning out the details of the event, site visits, and meetings with the brides.

Typically after the first meeting with a bride, a proposal is sent out. There is a second meeting in the next phase, to gather in-depth details of the bride’s vision, as well as the complete run-down of all the moving parts of the event. Maliha works with Saira and the rest of their team to create the perfect design for their bride. Once the plans are ready, they get to work on making it a reality.

Part 4: Vivid

Jewel tones, deep berry, gold, sage in combinations with pale pink, champagne, and creamy whites are the more popular picks these days. Dahlia Occasions is well known for their vibrant and elaborate South Asian weddings. They blend cultures to create “Fusion weddings.” Melting the best of Eastern traditions with carefully chosen western elements to create truly unique events. These events are a true reflection of the increasing cultural trends of mixed weddings. So, if you’re in the market for someone to help plan your dream wedding, or event– these ladies might just be the duo you’ve been waiting for.

Part 5: Testimony

“I utilized Dahlia Occasions for our wedding reception. The guest list totaled over 500 people. The services offered by Dahlia were absolutely invaluable, and Maliha Raazi was extremely easy to work with. She understood exactly the type of ambiance we were trying to create and made the process very easy by presenting us with cost-effective options that fit our envisioned outcome, rather than asking us to push through the process with her from scratch.

A typical Indian wedding has multiple events, so this type of pro-active planning was essential for us as time became the ultimate commodity in our overall wedding planning. She not only had a keen eye for decor, style, and class, but she also is an impeccable planner. She was able to see potential problems before they arose on the day of the event, and she made sure that each segment of the event was executed perfectly.

I cannot say enough positive things about Dahlia and Ms. Raazi. We would not have been able to look back and appreciate our absolutely perfect wedding reception were it not for her.” Asim Haque

Part 6: Testimony

Dahlia Occasions— specializes in event planning and is servicing Central Ohio with elaborate and formal tastes. And, typically are swimming in traditional Indian and Muslim events, but are breaking into the American Culture to capture an eclectic fusion.

“I got married in August 2016. My wedding could not have gone more smoothly. I was thankful for the significant amount of their help I received from them. The best part was they are “all in one.” They dealt with all of the decorations, including florals which really cut down on the number of vendors that I had to coordinate. My wedding looked stunning.- I had four events in two days. Sangeet, Sikh ceremony, Christian ceremony and the wedding reception.

Dahlia Occasions was contracted for all of them They were able to capture my vision perfectly. For the first time, they introduced a live waterfall for the backdrop at our wedding reception which just looked amazing. I highly suggest Dahlia Occasions to anyone in need of wedding planners/decor- I really put my trust in their hands and it turned out great.” Rima Kang

Part 7: Types of Events

Does anyone have an event coming up?!? Let the wedding & graduation parties begin!

↠Sweet 16’s,




↠Traditional Indian events,

↠Traditional Muslim events,

↠Even renting services {for brides looking to save on labor costs$$}

So, for example you can rent a backdrop, or floral pieces. I feel like this is a huge addition to the wedding planning fiasco. Because, let’s be real:: it’s a semi nightmare trying to plan a budget and pay for everything American culture is demanding weddings include these days. So, yeah– if I had known about a renting option I would have jumped on that. If you can dream it– Dahlia Occasions can execute it.

Part 8: Maliha & Saira

We wanted to end our series with Maliha & Saira, because they are the beautiful owners of Dahlia Occasions. “It’s such a happiness to always be a part of the happiest events and celebrations of others.”

And, you’ve already heard bits about their background and how they got into event planning. These ladies are working tirelessly {literally 100-150 hours per event}to bring your elaborate visions to life. Malia with her flower arrangement specialty and Saira with her decorating charm.

But, I wanted to share more about maybe what you don’t know. They both have full plates. Saira is a full-time Head Start teacher, while Malia helps volunteer her time working for a domestic violence non-profit organization @asha.ray.of.hope_. Hearing these ladies talk about their experiences and the lives of those they’re serving— was chilling.

Bottom line if you’re looking to plan any kind of event– these ladies treat you like family. Like royalty family. They care.


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