Meet Alexis: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner

Meet Alexis: Behind the Scenes of Cap City Diner, Grandview {2/3}

Alexis is a new associate at Cap City Diner’s Grandview location.  And, if you don’t already know– the language that’s used in the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant industry– is very “person first” focused.  So instead of “servers” or “waiters” you hear words instead like, “Associates.”  Because, similarly to law firms, the idea is to build careers and encourage promotions within the company. Which is why, you’ll find lots of individuals who have worked for years with Cameron Mitchell.

Alexis was previously managing a garage company, but came back to serving.  She actually heard of the open position from her neighbor (who had previously worked for Cap City for twelve years). “I fell in love instantly.”

“I love everybody I work with, from the management to the kitchen crew.”  David, the general manager (who you’ll meet later) started cheering in the background and we all started smiling, because it was a genuine moment.  It was like witnessing a team score a goal.  Alexis continued,

“It’s easy to sell food, because it’s just so good.  When I believe in the product it sells itself.”

She has regulars for the first time in her life that specifically ask for her. “It makes me feel special.” And when it comes to dealing with customers and management, “they always take my word for it and make sure I’m taken care of. We work as a team. It truly is a special place. It really is.”

If you haven’t been to the Grandview location they recently remodeled their outside patio and bar.  It was twenty-two years old.  It’s now fully renovated and looking amazing. Guess what else we found?

Just an autographed picture of John Mayer, because he used to play on the patio for years.  Um, what? John Mayer used to play on their patio! I had to repeat it. Come on, who wouldn’t want to sit on the patio where John played?

“Our answer is always Yes, and we try to do better tomorrow, than we were today.”

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