Just one more

  1. If you have a child, or children, you’ve probably questioned having another.


If not—you will, I promise.

My husband and I have this conversation way too often. We are never on the same page, which is probably a good thing.

I mean, we would be adding number FOUR if it was up to him. Ugh, not happening.

That’s too many children–at least in my opinion. 

For some families, the bigger the better. For me, I don’t want any more. It could be seen as being selfish, or maybe I’m just tired.

Tired of changing diapers.

Tired of bottles.

Tired of baby proofing the house.

Tired of being tired 

{Okay, I know that will never go away, but still. I’m at least tired of the multiple wakings at night}.

I have moments of sadness. Like, when teeth fall out, first steps are taken, first day of preschool, outgrowing clothes, getting rid of bottles, moving to big kid beds. All these milestones that tug at my heartstrings, but I tug right back.

Yes, I feel emotional, sad, and sometimes fall into the hole of wanting another, but I’m also excited for our future. I’m excited for things like…

Taking vacations where we don’t have to stop for mandatory naps {optional, family  ones are okay–obviously}.

Not trying to squish three large car seats in my car.

Being able to go on a trip with my husband and feel okay leaving my three kids home with someone.

So, no, I don’t want any more kids.

I love the ones I have, and I’ll squish on your babies, but don’t expect anymore from this lady.

Nope, not happening.






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