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We love providing opportunities to help each other connect on a deeper level, and we hope that our personal stories do just that.  But, it’s not just about helping connect the people of Columbus, it’s also about educating each other too.  So, through our personal stories on adoption this month, you’ll get an insight into different perspectives on the topic.

One out of 25 U.S. families have an adopted child.

If you’re looking for a good read on foster care,  New York Times bestselling author Regina Calcaterra wrote a critically acclaimed book Etched in Sand.  It’s a powerful memoir about her struggles and survival as a child in foster care.


 Did you know Jamie Foxx, Steve Jobs, Dave Thomas (Wendy’s Founder), and Faith Hill were all adopted?  That’s just to name a few. They’re all helping bring awareness and attention to the topic of adoption.

Below you’ll find some helpful links and interesting facts.

  • A great resource is the Children’s Bureau, an office of the administration for children and families.
  • Adoption Circle a local non-profit agency here in Columbus, if you are interested in the process or learning more.
  • CAP4Kids “The mission of the Children’s Advocacy Project for Kids (CAP4Kids) is to help bridge the gap between the many quality social service agencies in the community and the families that need their help the most.”
  • Here are some surprising facts another blogger put together nicely click here.
  • Steps to adopting a child in Ohio.
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